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Kitchen Design Trends

Some styles of kitchen design are timeless, like the minimalist style, but everyone likes something different. So how are people adding personality to their kitchens in style? A new wave of trends and technologies have washed over modern kitchens and we have compiled some of them below.

Open concept
The kitchen, family and dining room have all become one big space.

Double duty
Due to open concept designs, cabinets look more like furniture and countertops serve as dining tables.

Walk-in pantry
The bigger the better. Custom shelving and facade doors to match cabinetry are not uncommon.

Kitchens of the future are happening today. Technology is being integrated into kitchens including sound systems, “smart appliances”, LCD touchscreens and the ability to control lights, sound and temperature with a wireless device.

Eco-friendly materials
Going green is in. Energy-efficient appliances and recycled or sustainable materials are making an appearance in kitchens to not only help the environment, but sometimes the budget too.

Natural and raw materials
Wood, brick and concrete can completely change a kitchen and give it a rustic look.

Built-in cabinets and built-in appliances make the whole space seamless.

Decorative lighting
Sconces and unique lighting can really add to the feel and style of a kitchen, at times becoming a focal point.

Fewer upper cabinets
This adds to the large open-concept feel and allows for decorative lighting and large windows.

Warmer metal tones
Metal materials like brass and copper are being used instead of cold stainless.

Bold backsplash
Pops of color in the backsplash have become a popular way to give the kitchen some personality. The exciting colors and patterns work well in minimalistic kitchen designs, almost doubling as an art piece.

The color blue appears to be a color trend in 2014 – walls, back-splashes and accents.

Open shelving
Instead of cabinets, open floating shelves are appearing more in kitchen design. This allows the homeowner to display their prized dishes as accent pieces.